Veterans and military personnel aspiring to become homeowners have at their disposal various financial solutions, the primary of which is the veteran affairs mortgage loan. Veterans’ ambitions to become homeowners, however, are faced with significant challenges that generally impede their homeownership dreams. Families of such active duty military personnel and veterans equally face some challenges that delay the acquisition of homes.

Deployment abroad

Active duty military personnel deployed overseas in distant places are unable to access vital services regarding homeownership. With distance being a barrier, it becomes quite impossible to fulfill the proper paperwork necessary to process their homes. This often leaves the bulk of necessary paperwork at the hands of the spouses who sometimes have to make most of the decisions on behalf of their deployed spouses.

Permanent change of station

Deployed military personnel on active duty are sometimes relocated from one station or country to another. Such deployments and change of station sometimes prove to be a significant obstacle when it comes to the personnel’s ambitions to become homeowners. Such military personnel may have to suspend the processing of their home ownership ambitions until they settle in a relatively permanent location before resuming.

Unfavorable home purchasing periods

The constant relocation of active duty military personnel and their deployment in various parts of the world can sometimes sideline their homeownership ambitions. In most cases, the challenge comes in when the military personnel’s operational schedule clashes with the US real estate’s calendar where the market is flooded with good deals. This diminishes the likelihood of active duty personnel to secure housing before retirement.

Basic allowance for housing rates

Deployed military personnel are normally given basic allowance for housing. Such rates vary from one location of deployment to another. Sometimes, the allowance rates may depreciate so significantly that the deployed personnel cannot afford to save enough to purchase their houses.

Finding suitable homes that meet VA guidelines

The VA has certain appraisal guidelines that define the quality and nature of houses that veterans can acquire through the VA home loan program. The appraisal guidelines are normally utilized as a baseline by banks which finance veterans to purchase their homes. Sometimes, such guidelines may be so strict that finding a house that meets the criteria becomes a major hurdle. Veterans may, therefore, have to suspend their homeownership ambitions in search of suitable housing units. Doing so amidst deployment is a significant challenge.