There have been amazing technological developments in real estate over the past decade. What’s exciting is the fact that there are new innovations that seem to hit the market every year. 

Below are some of those technologies and how they benefit the industry.


As a result of data collection, potential home buyers are able to receive recommendations about properties that are highly personalized. In fact, consumers across all industries now expect recommendations in marketing to fit their needs. They anticipate that marketers will understand them and know what they both like, need and want. Being able to collect and leverage an extensive amount of data through the use of various technologies has changed the game in real estate. This means a home buyer will likely receive suggestions on properties that are exactly what they desire.

Expanded Functionality

If you’re trying to sell your home, there are a lot of steps involved in the process. Having technology that facilitates all of the different processes required to sell your home is convenient. There are technologies that not only help to simplify the process, but also to make buying a home a lot faster. As technology advances, homeowners are able to sell their property with greater ease and without having to be technically savvy. This expanded functionality of technology also applies to home buyers.

Virtual Reality

One of the most exciting technologies in real estate is virtual reality. This enables potential home buyers to actually tour a property that might be located in some other part of the country. For instance, when someone is relocating and doesn’t have the ability to visit the city to which they’re moving, they can still tour a property. Virtual reality will enable them to do so using a headset along with common technologies, such as their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Blockchain Technology

Although it’s been used for years across many other industries, cryptocurrency is starting to gain momentum in real estate. While it’s still in the infancy stages, there are ways for buyers and sellers to execute real estate contracts with blockchain technology.

These are just a few examples of how new innovation is transforming real estate. These advancements are beneficial to buyers, sellers, agents and all other stakeholders.