The integration of new technology into the commercial real estate industry has supercharged the market. Venture investment is through the roof, and builders and developers are managing to create more effective business models than ever before. But we’re hardly at the peak of the revolution. 2019 looks to bring some promising new technological trends to the real estate industry. Here’s what you can expect looking forward.

Software in an Open Ecosystem

Real estate platforms have long promised all-in-one solutions to the comprehensive issues that professionals have to deal with, but they’ve regularly fallen down in delivering their promises. But as more and more customers chafe under the limitations of these platforms, the demand for specialized platforms rises. 2019 is likely the year that we’ll see integrated and focused platforms that rely on APIs and data standardization to create more customizable solutions.

A More Competitive Market

Most modern real estate businesses integrate a complicated number of different technological processes into their operations. From customer relationship management to marketing to mapping, the best companies understand how these solutions can make their operations more efficient. But as these platforms become more prevalent, they also become more necessary. Companies that have yet to adopt modern technological solutions are destined to fall behind the curve, and 2019 is going to be a critical year for modernizing infrastructure.

An Influx of New Talent

Finding quality talent has been one of the biggest struggles in CRE for years, but that could be changing very soon. As the systems that power property tech mature and prove their value, these companies will see a rush of strong talent, and investors will follow suit as they recognize the increased efficiency in the sector. Both industries will see a boom, but it will be a boom for companies that are committed to staying on the cutting edge of these new developments. Similarly, those with proficiencies in tech skills will come to play a larger role in leadership positions as these technologies become a critical component of business operations.

The Growth of a CRE Operating System

While all-in-one CRE solutions may be going the way of the dodo, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a demand for a platform that can unify all the tech stacks. The cobbled together components that make up CRE operations could use a centralized interface, and that will be coming to the market sooner rather than later.