Mobile devices have revolutionized countless industries worldwide, and the real estate investing community is no different. Investing in the digital age has become exceptionally streamlined thanks, primarily, to a variety of apps aimed at breaking down its most drawn out and/or difficult aspects — for both new and experienced investors.

That said, here are a few top real estate investing apps to add to your professional repertoire.



DocuSign is one of several mobile services simplifying the communication, analysis, and signing of important contractual agreements. As real estate investing commonly involves a variety of longform documents and heavy paperwork, the app can be incredibly helpful in making these interactions quick and relatively painless — without sacrificing thoroughness or efficiency.


Perhaps one of the most popular real estate apps, MagicPlan allows investors to photograph properties, take important measurements, and access building plans all within the same mobile device. Aside from saving time (and probably funds), investors are able to evaluate, estimate, and inspect projects without spreading their efforts too thin across different tools or services.


Zillow has become a household name in the real estate app world, thanks to its dedicated marketing campaigns (it boasts over 70 million users monthly). However, this reputation also comes from a clear history of quality; the app is almost unparalleled in its ability to provide “value estimates, value changes, and basic information across 110 million properties.”


By helping agents and investors grow more in tune with their desired markets, Zurple is able to identify and analyze the best offers possible. The app tracks users’ browsing habits, budgetary preferences, and intended searching locations to provide options that are both profitable and marketable to the highest amount of potential tenants.

Property Fixer

Property Fixer’s name is pretty self-explanatory; the app is tailored for investors “who frequently flip properties.” The app allows users to input data pertaining to their desired piece of property, providing potential ROIs and additional analysis pertaining to flip profit. Users can also track monthly expenses to keep users ahead of taxes.