Successful realtors are self-motivated, hard working, good at communication, excellent at marketing, detail-oriented, and tactically advanced in keeping up with the market. All of these qualities take a lot of work, but they also require proper education. A great realtor is always working to become better.

TED talks started off being more for the technology crowd, but have grown to be about self-development and expanded to many valuable topics. Many of these topics can now help realtors educate themselves on becoming better at what they do.

The best TED talks for real estate marketers are often about being better communicators, being more motivated, and keeping the business mindset. They not only serve to learn new things, but to remind professionals of what they already know so they can work to be better at it.

1. 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation by Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee has interviewed people for years on both radio and television. In those experiences, she has learned to connect with people quickly so they will open up and have real conversations with her sooner.

Communication is a skill that everyone can always improve upon, and one that is essential for a successful real estate career. This TED talk gives many great tips to keep in mind.


2. The Real Estate Deal That Could Change The Future of Everything by Ben Miller

Technology has changed real estate in a lot of ways. Learning internet marketing has become an essential skill for realtors to keep up with. In this TED talk, Ben Miller looks at how technology will change how people invest in real estate in the years to come.


3. How to Make Work Life Balance Work by Nigel Marsh

There are many overworked realtors who risk burning out, and that’s why this is one of the TED talks real estate agents should watch. Marsh goes over crafting an ideal day, an average Tuesday, to get an idea for what that balance can look like in your life. This practical take can help many realtors re-evaluate their schedules.


4. How Body Language Can Help You Close More Deals by Amy Cuddy

Learning body language can clue a realtor in to better understand their clients reactions. It can also help them learn what they are communicating to their clients. Body language also tells our own brains new clues. When you stand straighter, your brain takes this in as being more confident, and then you perform measurably better. Body language can affect many things when it comes to mindset and success in interactions with other people.

For people who work in sales, learning a few basic tips on body language can make a big difference in results.